Derta Enerji


"More Energy, More Power "


  • Market Consultancy for Companies to Enter the Energy Sector
  • Feasibility Consultancy for Power Plants
  • Project Bureaucratic Process Management and Consultancy
  • Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) License Operations, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report Operations, Expropriation Operations
  • Project Development Services for Energy Sector Investors
  • Buying and Selling Consultancy of Power Plant Licenses
  • Buying and Selling Consultancy of Power Plants in Business
  • Financial Consultancy and Financial Supply for Energy Investments
  • Commitment Management and Consultancy Services in Power Plant Contracting Processes
  • Project Infrastructure Design and Design Services, (Access Roads, Internal Roads, Foundation Design, Crane Areas, Complete Electrical Systems)
  • Wind Measurements, Ground Survey, Energy Production Calculations, Power Curve Measurements
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for Wind Turbines, Construction Works, Transformers, Switchyards and Transport
  • Preparation of Pre-Commitment Project Structure Plans and Time Management Charts
  • Preparation of General and Technical Specifications Before Commitment
  • Arrangement of Contract and Purchase Contracts in Compliance with Legal Legislation and Process Management
  • Test Phase, Final Acceptance and Commissioning Services
  • Map Preparation Services
  • Preparation for Energy Distribution Privatization, Market and Privatization Methodology Services
  • Preparation of Production and Distribution Region Evaluation Feasibilities
  • Execution of Privatization Process and Transfer Process, Business Management Consultancy
  • Investigation of Production Portfolios in Energy Production Privatizations, Current Situation Analysis, Alternative Rehabilitation Offers, Financial Analysis
  • Preparation of Production and Distribution Privatization Feasibilities