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Electric Installation Conformity Certificate

Today, electricity is used as the main energy source for a large part of commercial-industrial activities. In this context, periodic control of the electrical installation is of great importance in terms of sustainable service, production and work safety. Considering the developing technology and increasing needs, the control of electrical indoor installation and all kinds of equipment, components and equipment used within the installation requires a certain level of expertise.

Advantages of Periodic Control of Electrical Installation

The control of the electrical installation is important for the determination of the problematic or missing facility, which may pose a danger within the dynamic load structure. In this way, possible accidents and fires will be prevented. The determinations to be made and the measures to be taken in line with the presented report will provide the following advantages in the facilities where the control is carried out:

• Employee safety will be established, injuries and loss of lives due to electrical accidents will be prevented.

• Weak points of the installation will be identified and reported, and future malfunctions caused by electrical installations that will cause the plant's service or production activities to stop will be prevented. Malfunctions due to not performing periodic checks, which may cause slowing or stopping of commercial activities, will result in material loss due to loss of raw materials due to service, production or production cessation, as well as material losses that cannot be compared.

• Electric accidents that may occur can lead to major material damages that cannot be obtained within the facility. These accidents can have effects such as fire and explosion. In addition, an extremely inexpensive installation component, the use of which is not in accordance with the standards or the plant requirement, can cause damage to an expensive equipment integrated into the installation. Control of the electrical installation will prevent such material damage.

• Incorrect sizing of electrical installation components and the use of inappropriate equipment can bring additional costs that the operator may not notice even in routine activity. During the controls, such nonconformities will be identified and reported, and the operational efficiency of the operating facility will be increased.

With which periods should the electrical installation control and electrical installation conformity measurements be made?

The control of the electrical installation at least once a year has been made compulsory within the scope of the Health and Safety Conditions Regulation for the Use of Work Equipment, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 25.04.2013 and numbered 28628. It performs the electrical installation checks once a year, and it can perform more frequently in the periods determined at the request of its business partners. At the end of the works, “Electricity Internal Installation Measurement and Examination Report” (Electric Installation Conformity Certificate) is presented.

What is done in Electrical Installation Control?

Under the control of the electrical installation, the transformer starts with low voltage, if any, and all energy rooms, meters, distribution boards, branch, cable shaft, generator, ups, motor, machinery and equipment and electrical connections, elevator electrical installation, lighting installation, weak current installation, switch, sockets and junction boxes, compensation systems and grounding facility are checked for compliance with current projects and standards, and measurements are made. It is determined and reported whether there is suitable sizing and protection for all kinds of equipment and machinery in the electrical installation.

In addition, thermal cameras are inspected for the panel, cables and cable connections to determine whether there is an overload or unbalanced load.

Periodic Control Regulations of Electrical Installation

The control of electrical interior installation and electrical installation conformity certificate in all facilities and businesses have been made compulsory within the scope of the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, which came into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 25.04.2013 and numbered 28628.

Within the scope of the Regulation on Health and Safety Precautions to be Taken in the Workplace Building and Add-Ons published in the Official Gazette dated 17.07.2013 and numbered 28710, the electrical installation should be periodically checked and kept. (Annex-1 Minimum Health and Safety Conditions to be Applied in Workplace Buildings and Additions)

Derta Energy is Authorized to Make Electrical Installation Compliance Measurements with Its Authorized Engineers.