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Grounding is an indispensable element that protects human life as well as the protection of machinery and equipment. It is the process of combining the inactive metal parts of electric vehicles (generator, transformer, motor, lighting pole, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) with a conductor by means of a conductor. For this reason, it is very important that grounding and grounding measurements and controls are carried out with the periods specified in accordance with the grounding regulations and occupational safety regulations.

Grounding measurementis a set of technical procedures that enable the control of the compliance of electrical vehicles and equipment that can pose a risk to human life with the standards determined by CEE (Chamber of Electrical Engineers), TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and international organizations.

Grounding Report
In accordance with the Annex-P article of the Electrical Facilities Grounding Regulation, the measurements, reporting and conformity assessment procedures to be carried out in the electrical facilities can only be done by the electrical, electrical-electronic and electronic engineers who are members of CEE (Chamber of Electrical Engineers). In order to make these measurements, organizations have to have personnel with the title of “engineer” and certificate of authorization in the above fields.

Our engineers who have the necessary proficiency certificates in earthing measurement and earthing report processes respond to the needs in this field for your demands.

Grounding Measurement and Grounding Report Periods
The recommended periods for inspection procedures, measurement and supervision processes during the operating period of various earthing facilities are as follows:

2 years for electricity generation electricity generation, transmission and distribution facilities

5 years for energy transmission and distribution lines

For Industrial Plants and Trade Centers

1 year for grounding resistances, inspection and measurement,
2 years for other examinations, measurements and controls related to grounding facilities

For Unstable Facilities

1 year for stationary staff,
6 months for displaceable operating staff
Examination, measurement and inspection periods of the grounding facilities within the scope of the regulation and the grounding facilities in the workplaces that work in wet environments cannot exceed 1 year regarding workplaces that work with flammable, explosive, dangerous and harmful substances and measures to be taken in works